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DWD® Smokeless BBQ Universal Grill Plate for Electric/Gas Stoves (Camping Cooking)


Special feature compact and lightweight, smokeless design, drips slots for grease/fat, Dishwasher Safe, universal for most stoves
Colour Black
Material Porclain enamel coated steel
Brand AuraHome
Product dimensions 32D x 32W x 4H centimetres
Wattage 10 KW
Item weight 600 Grams
Included components grill plate, handle
Style modern
Voltage 240 Volts


About this item

  • HEALTHIER: Unlike ordinary pan frying, grease drains away through drip slots leaving moist tender food
  • CONCEPT: Porcelain enamel coated steel drip pan collects fat and juices – filled with water it eliminates smoke which can be so annoying
  • SET UP: Universal attachment for most camping stoves that are electric, gas or propane, very simply to use place the stove top grill over the burner. Fill the reservoir of the drip pan with half a cup of water and refill as required pouring water by small amounts on the edge of the drip pan.
  • ELECTRIC STOVES: Use the small burner and preheat on high for around 8 minutes, do not use with electric solid elements of the glass top stoves
  • GAS STOVES: Light stove and adjust flame before putting grill in place. Make sure flame does not contact the bottom of the grill surface. Preheat on medium high heat for around 3 minutes. It may be necessary to remove the grate in order for the grill to fit
  • HELPFUL HINTS: Cooking times vary depending on the type and thickness of the food. Cuts of meat should be no more 3/4 inch thick. Use a light coating of oil on the grill surface when grilling lean cut of meat or fish. Always maintain water level and provide adequate ventilation while cooking
  • CLEAN UP: Allow the grill to cool first, both pieces are dishwasher safe or use warm soapy water and a dishcloth. Avoid abrasive cleaning pads or metal utensils that could scratch the non stick surface.
  • HANDY: light weight very useful for camping, holidays, beach trips and best of all for your health
  • Large non-stick grilling plate for use with portable stoves and other cookers Vents drain off excess fats and juices. The reservoir can be filled with water to catch these to keep smoke to a minimum Cooks evenly and quickly Easy to clean no-stick surface Measures 32cm and weighs just 600g
  • Great Griddle Plate for camping cookers and big enough for hearty appetites. The base is made from enamelled steel to make it durable and easy to wash. The grill surface itself is made from aluminium with a non-stick coating on the top to spread the heat evenly and stop food from getting burnt and stuck to it.