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Tent Pegs Pack of 8 Heavy Duty Steel


Set of 8 Heavy Duty Tent Pegs from DWD

πŸ’¨ ⚑ πŸŒ… β›Ί STRONG & SOLID CAMPING TENT ROCK PEGS – If you’re tired of bent ground anchors and tents that have flown away, this rock tent peg set will help. The ground pegs help tents, awnings and gazebos to brave wind and storms. The sturdy, rustproof pegs are made of galvanised steel and will not bend. Unlike many other models, these steel pegs are very solid and therefore ideal for hard and stony soils.
πŸ’¨ ⚑ πŸŒ… β›Ί SUITABLE FOR VARIETY OF USES – The rock pegs are suitable for securing tents, awnings and gazebos. For this purpose, the front-pointed pegs can be simply hammered into the ground. The heads have hooks and eyelets for tensioning the ropes.
πŸ’¨ ⚑ πŸŒ… β›Ί THICK 7mm GALVANISED STEEL ROCK PEGS THAT WON’T BEND – Rock Pegs as the name suggests is for using in rocky or hard standing areas. These pegs are like large oversized nails and can be hammered into place with a conventional hammer rather than a mallet.
πŸ’¨ ⚑ πŸŒ… β›Ί STORM PROOF TENT & GAZEBO PEGS – The multi-use stakes keep tents, pavilions and awnings in place during windy and stormy weather. Designed for penetrating harder, stoney ground pitches
πŸ’¨ ⚑ πŸŒ… β›Ί SIMPLE & EASY TO HAMMER IN THE HARD GROUND! – Hammer hard ground pegs into the ground – Sharpened tips for easy insertion into ground. Each Rock Peg measures: 25cm/10”. Thickness 7mm/0.28”. Head width: 4cm/1.74”.
πŸ’¨ ⚑ πŸŒ… β›Ί PP TOP section for looping tie downs
πŸ’¨ ⚑ πŸŒ… β›Ί SLIM design allows easy ground penetration

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