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Vintage Gourmet® Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Sizzler Set with Redwood Trivet Duo


Vintage Gourmet® Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Sizzler Set with Redwood Trivet (24CM & 28CM)


Brand Vintage Gourmet
Material Wood, Cast Iron
Special feature Heat Retaining Cast Iron, Presentation Serving Dishes, Detachable Handle, Redwood Wooden Trivets
Colour Redwood
Capacity 1.2 litres

About this item

  • HEAT RETAINING AUTHENTIC HOTPLATE: This quality cast iron pan from Vintage Gourmet has been designed for serving sizzling dishes straight to the table, giving you a unique display of food. Set yourself apart from the rest with this strong, durable and attractive cast iron pan. Use the heat resistant wooden base for an attractive table presentation your guests won’t forget. share spicy sides or give guests a platter each; it’s great as a tapas or fajita plate too
  • PRE-SEASONED: Easy to clean and high quality, this sizzler platter is perfect for use in any restaurant. or home to create an enjoyable meal experience, Please follow the care instructions for optimum use and hand washed is preferred to maintain the performance. The sizzle platter requires to be seasoned after each use to maintain the non stick layer that builds up over time, this is what cast iron dining experience is renowned for.
  • DETACHABLE HANDLE: Pre-seasoned cast iron sizzler platter evenly distributes and retains heat Ideal for keeping food hot when serving at the table Sizzler Dimension 24 cm x 14 cm, 28X18cm + Redwood Wooden base, Detachable cast iron handle, you can use it on all sizes as in the pictures and easy to transport food safely from the oven to the table with a secure handle, removable to enhance presentation EASY TO HANDLE: the plate has a handle for easy lifting, and it comes with a thick wooden base to protect surfaces from the sizzle
  • VERSATILE: Oval shaped cast iron serving platter retains heat and keeps the food hot for longer time; enjoy restaurant quality chicken sizzler with garlic rice at your home This sizzler plate is pre-seasoned which makes ready to use; ideal for a presenting delicious Chinese Manchurian with a sizzling sound Cast iron oval pan comes with a protective wooden trivet which protects the table from heat
  • SERVING IDEAS: Whether it is a Fajitas, or a meat platter, perfect for grilling, frying, searing, baking all kinds of delicious meals will be more tasty because of the natural cast iron experience so you get the full benefits…why not taste the difference today ! AUTHENTIC TEPPANYAKI HOT PLATE: serve crunchy veg, spicy seafood and tender slices of steak all while they’re still sizzling hot!
  • HEAT RETAINING CAST IRON: warm it under the grill, then serve up cooked food – the cast iron sizzle plate keeps it deliciously hot