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Vintage Gourmet Pizza Tool Kit 4 Piece

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Professional Pizza Oven Tool Set for the Pizza Chef from The Vintage Gourmet

  • Set includes 1 x Pizza Peel, 1 x Pizza Turning Paddle, 1 x Cleaning Brush and Scraper, Ash Rake and oven gloves
  • Placing peel: anodised aluminium rectangular head and aluminium handle. The head-handle junction is triple riveted to guarantee safety and stability. The oval tubular handle has a comfortable grip which prevents rotation. Overall dimensions are 30cm x 120cm
  • Small Pizza Turning Paddle: made of stainless steel, use it to check, turn and take the pizza out of the oven. Overall dimensions are 23cm x 120cm
  • Brass brush: for the oven cleaning with aluminium handle, brass bristles and adjustable head. Use it to clean and scrape off any food residues, flour or ash. The adjustable head means you can reach and clean any part of the oven. Length 120cm
  • Ash rake: use to move the ashes and adjust the embers. Length 120cm
  • Pair of Cookspace silicone textured oven gloves. These oven gloves are fantastic for the kitchen, barbecue, fire stove and for handling other hot surfaces around the house. They extend the time you can handle a hot object and are designed for protection, comfort and flexibility. Warning: The gloves extend the time to handle hot objects They are not a permanent protection against fire or heat. Like other similar gloves they do not offer protection against steam or hot liquids. Do not use when wet.
  • See images for more detailed dimensions

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