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Vintage Gourmet Moscow Mule Set of 4 Handmade Pure Indian Copper Mug Smooth Polished 20 Oz Astro with Bonus Brushes & Shot Glass and Copper Straws Discover Amazing Ayurvedic Health Benefits Today


Brand: AuraHome
Colour: Copper
Special feature: 2 Astro cleaning brushes included, 4 copper straws, Shot Glass
Style: Coffee cup
Theme: Wedding, Birthday
100% Pure Indian Copper
567 Grams

About this item

  • Enjoy the authentic, handcrafted, premium look of your favorite cocktail mug with the timeless craftsmanship of our pure handmade smooth barrel copper mug! This unique design features handcrafted 100% pure copper construction (inside and out) in a hand hammered barrel design. Exterior features a food safe lacquer to help prevent tarnishing. Care instructions and recipes included. This timeless copper mug is perfect for your home, bar, or restaurant.
  • Have your next Moscow Mule with authentic flair with our handmade smooth polished barrel copper mug!
  • The Vintage Gourmet Moscow Mule Copper Mugs do not have any tin, steel, nickel, or other imposter linings. The pure copper interior ensures an authentic experience. Our mugs are made from 100% pure artisanal copper and do not use any copper plating.
  • Our mugs featured a securely welded copper handle (no cheap brass here) without any rivets making our set leak proof. The hand made design along with the pure copper will deliver the timeless look, incredible taste and eye-catching style the Moscow Mule is known for.
  • This set great for the kitchen, bar, or restaurant. If you are looking for timeless quality with unmatched style look no further. Use with your next Moscow Mule, cocktail, coffee, tea and much more!
  • Copper Care Instructions ➥ Cleaning your new Vintage GourmetPure Copper Pitcher is simple. All you need is a sponge or dishcloth and mild dish soap to clean it after each use. Though you are welcome to place your new mug in the dishwasher, we strongly recommend hand washing to prolong its shiny copper finish.
  • ➥ Tarnishing is a natural process for many fine metals, including copper. Though our copper products are coated with a food-safe polish designed to reduce tarnishing, over time the coating will wear with use
  • After many joyful experiences with your new copper pitcher, the shine may start to fade and some spots may appear. These spots are simply proof that your copper has seen things, you know, been through some stuff with you. But you can always use a specialty food safe copper polish to shine it back up.

Technical Details