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Vintage Gourmet® Extra Large Stainless Steel Roasting Pan with Rack (52cm x 39cm)


Colour Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Brand AuraHome
Shape Rectangular
Dishwasher safe? Yes

About this item

  • Roast dinners are special. Juicy meat, crispy potatoes, crunchy vegetables, and silken gravy, brimming with flavour. Make a meal to remember with a pan that’s tailored to the size of your joint or poultry. Grab this large stainless steel roasting pan when you’re cooking for a dinner party. It’s perfect for larger meat joints, or for cooking the Christmas turkey. Anything that could look ‘hemmed in’ in a smaller tin.
  • Why this tin? It comes with a roasting rack, which lets juices and oil pool below the meat, for extra-succulent results. Healthy eating bonus: the rack keeps the meat separate from any oils that drip out, so you’ll cut down the calories. For an extra indulgence, turn these juices into delicious gravy on the hob. The pan is made of solid, lightweight stainless steel, which works on any heat source, except induction.
  • Catering Extra Large size 52 x 39 x 7cm (21x 16 x 3 inches) approx. dishwasher, freezer and oven safe; 12 months guarantee
  • GREAT FOR DIETERS: The rack helps drain fat away from the meat – if you’re feeling indulgent, turn these juices into delicious gravy
  • JUMBO ROASTER: It will fit a large Christmas turkey (think 6 to 9 kilograms) – or make one-pan Sunday roasts and save on washing up
  • DON’T WRECK YOUR ROAST: Pick this pan if you’re cooking for big groups – its size lets juices pool, rather than drying out and burning, For roasts and more Make the most of your stainless steel pan. With this handy multitasker, you can cook piles of healthy roast vegetables. Add to your dinner plate to up your vitamin intake, or snack on them warm from the tin. Cook deep pan pizzas and tray-bakes too
  • Easy to store This great value roasting tin and rack has two folding side handles, for safely transferring your roasts from oven to counter. They lie flush against the side of the pan when not in use, for ease of storage.
  • Designed to make perfect gravy Make delicious gravy on your stove top. Transfer this roasting pan to your hob and start transforming all those meaty juices into smooth, rich, gravy. The rounded corners enable you to blend all the flavours fully (no sharp corners for them to settle into) so you’ll achieve a delicious gravy blend.
  • Removable rack The lift-out roasting rack raises the meat above the base of the pan, allowing air to circulate (great for cooking times), and causing the fat to drain out during cooking. It makes things easier when clean-up time comes too.
  • Helps healthy eaters Enjoy your roast, guilt-free. The elevated roasting rack means fat drains out of meat and collects below. You can dispose of it (if you’re being virtuous). Or if you decide to treat yourself, you can turn those lovely juices into divine gravy. Great for vegetarians If there are vegetarians among your dinner guests, this handy large roasting pan allows you to cook nut roasts, and other meat- free options, separately. There’s room for extra vegetables, too.