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Vintage Gourmet Cast Iron Steak Burger Press Heavy Duty Weight Non-Stick Grill Press Tool Flat BBQ Grill Accessories Griddle Kit for Home Kitchen Black 7 inch round Practical Steak For BBQ Restaurant


  • CAST IRON: Nothing cooks more evenly or gets a better sear on your food than cast iron. This Cast Iron Meat Press by Vintage Gourmet is designed to promote the most direct contact between your meat and your heat source while keeping your meat from curling for even cooking. Enhance the presentation of foods like steak, bacon, chicken and beef, grilled sandwiches and more. With durable cast iron, you will be enjoying perfectly cooked foods for years to come. Turning Backyard Grilling Into Effortless Cooking.
  • PRE-SEASONED – The Vintage Gourmet Cast Iron Burger Press comes pre-seasoned. This press does not require extra oiling or seasoning. You can start using it straight out of the box
  • ERGONOMIC WOOD HANDLE – The Handle on this cast iron press has a wooden handle. The handle fits perfectly in any size hand. The wood does not heat up as much at other metal handles to it can even be used without grilling gloves WOODEN HANDLE: The wood handle stays cool and eliminates the risk of getting burnt, which helps prevent the meat from curling. the handle of the burger press is attached through removable screws.Press and lift without fear or need of cooking gloves. We manufactured our press with a stylish all-cool wood handle
  • COOKS FOOD MORE EVENLY – The Vintage Gourmet Cast Iron Press is designed to keep food in contact with the grill surface to ensure that you get a more even cook.Easy to Use: When the grill press is heated sufficiently, the ridged surface will create perfect char marks every time. Start by heating it to the same temperature as the grill or pan, then place directly on top of foods to accelerate cooking.
  • USE ON BBQ: On the Outdoor Grill: Use a bacon press on your outdoor barbecue grill to quick-cook meats on both sides at the same time. Just heat up the press on the grill before you start cooking and place it on top of the meat when you begin cooking
  • 100% HEAVY DUTY CAST IRON – Vintage Gourmet Grill Presses are made from heavy duty, pre-seasoned cast iron. Cast iron is extremely durable and is guaranteed to last you for many years.Ideal Gift for Barbecues Fans: Cast iron lasts a lifetime.This is a must have tool for everyone, whether you’re a serious chef or new to grilling. The cast iron radiates heat evenly, helping foods cook to perfection
  • MULTI USE: PERFECT FOR BURGERS – The Vintage Gourmet Cast Iron Press is great for cooking burgers. Use this press to push the patties down to achieve a more even cook. You can even use this press to make smash burgers.Often used on outside grills, smash burger press can also be employed inside with a kitchen skillet, flat stovetop pan, cast iron grill, and more
  • CATERING USE: Heavy duty cast iron steak weight with wooden handle ideal for using in steakhouses, other restaurants or simply at home when cooking steaks and burgers. Place the weight on top of the meat you would like to cook. This forces the steak on to the grill whilst the heat from the steak is retained in the weight and transfers back into the meat assisting the cooking process. Durable construction for commercial use
  • IDEAL WEIGHT: Put the Bacon Press on top of the bacon strips and leave it there while the bacon is cooking. It causes the cooked bacon to come out as perfectly flat, straight strips and reduces the amount of fat that can splatter from the bacon.
  • Dimension: Our burger press is 7-Inch Round. Sized to be able to fit nearly any area you cook in.

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