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Vintage Decor® Premium Steel Ashpan for 14-Inch Cast Iron Fire Grates (Black)


  • A premium product by Vintage Decor the quality will not disapoint, made from quality thick gauge sheet metal
  • Heavy base plate for durablilty, Integrated handle for easy use by hand or use the ashpan operating tool to pull back safely and gives you extra reach Universal for use with most standard ash pans. Lightweight. Made from aluminium. Corrosion Resistant. Length: 21cm
  • Black heat resistant paint for a more asthetic look
  • Deep design 40mm (4cm ) deep to collect more ash, Suitable for any fire place including coal and wood Designed to fit under your fire grate to collect the ash
  • Suitable for many small grates ( 14 inch fireplace openign size) Dimensions are widest point 25cm front, rear width is 17cm approx. x 4cm depth