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VG® 100% Pure Indian Copper Hand Hammered Finish 5 Litre Water Cooler Gold Stand with 2 tumblers & 1 litre Leak proof bottle Discover Amazing Ayurvedic Health Benefits today Fill up overnight


Colour: Copper
Material: 100% Pure Indian Copper
Capacity: 5 litres
Brand: AuraHome
Product dimensions: 22D x 20W x 28H centimetres

About this item

  • CHANGE THE WAY WE DRINK WATER: Copper items have properties that help kill harmful bacteria and reduces inflammation within the stomach, making it a great remedy for ulcers,indigestion and infection. Must haves for leading a healthy lifestyle. Keep water overnight in the copper pot and it will imbibe all the medicinal and Ayurvedic benefits to the water. Drink it empty stomach every morning and see the benefit.
  • STORE FOR 8 HRS: store water in a copper vessel, glass or bottle (eight hours or more), this metal releases its ions. Water gets infused with these copper ions. Copper is known to be far more poisonous to bacteria than others, e.g. Stainless steel or aluminum. Storing water only for about three hours in a copper tumbler can kill harmful bacteria. This metal is known for its antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic and antioxidant properties
  • SIX BENEFITS: Why you should drink water from a copper vessel every morning on an empty stomach 1. Boosts Brain Health 2. Strengthens Heart Functioning 3. Improves Immunity 4. Promotes Healthy Skin 5. Beats Arthritis 6. Slows Down Ageing Makes you look younger and have healthy skin- the copper bottle water is anti-aging. It helps reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and patchy skin. Drinking water from copper pot can help you look younger and fitter
  • BENEFITS: joint pain and Reduces weight and improves digestion- water stored overnight in copper bottle helps in reducing weight, prevents obesity, reduces joint pain, maintains good digestion and make your life healthy cholesterol and its a great brain stimulant- copper helps in formation of myelin sheaths, making your brain work much faster and more efficiently if used regularly. Plus its continuous use helps in reducing bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol
  • Gift Your Family a Healthy Life! Most of us must have heard about the health benefits of drinking water stored in a copper pot, isn’t it? Well to make it easy access to our customers, we have introduced Copper Water Dispenser with 2 Glasses & Stand. It helps in improving the digestion system, reduces stomach acidity and gas, balances hypertension and also helps in regulating obesity
  • Beading on the edges Unbreakable & rust-free Highly durable, long-lasting & environment-friendly, Easy to clean Ideal for gifting purposes Health Benefits of Copper Pot Helps the digestive system perform better Helps to protect you from infections Helps to increase the hemoglobin level of the blood Helps to clean the body of harmful bacteria Helps with good healthy skin Helps with metabolism Helps with weight loss Helps you feel energetic Helps to reduces stomach acidity & gas
  • MATCHING STAND: Colour co-ordinated
  • LEAK PROOF TAP: Improved tap leak tested

Technical Details