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Set of 4 Cupped Shaped Coco Liners for 14 Inch Hanging Baskets


Material Coconut Fibre
Colour Brown
Special feature    Drainage Hole, Aeration, Hanging
Style Garden
Planter form Plant Pot


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  • Set of 4 cupped shaped coco hanging basket liner for a 14 Inch basket.
  • This perfectly customised coco hanging basket liner has been tailored to fit a wide range of round 14 inch sized garden hanging baskets. The liners can easily be cut to your preferred size to fit your basket.
  • Made from biodegradable & natural fibres, the basket liner is a safe and eco friendly way to make up a perfect garden flower basket in your outdoor space. Helping you to do your bit to save the planet as well as making your garden attractive and colourful.
  • These water-saving coconut liners also provide good drainage. They’re porous too, allowing for good aeration. Designed to hold water and release it slowly, helping plant roots to absorb, as well as helping to keep the soil moist which also helps to maintain healthy soil for your plants to thrive. The basket liner can hold up to 4 times its own weight it water, ensuring your plants stay hydrated especially beneficial during the warmer summer months.
  • Hanging basket not included – for illustration purposes only.

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