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Round Based Wok Carbon Steel Wooden Handle


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An authentic and traditional carbon steel wok, just like the ones you see professional chefs using in Oriental restaurants and takeaways
Riveted heavy duty handle
Durable, lightweight and inexpensive
The carbon steel ensures rapid and even heat conduction so food is seared quickly
Woks require less oil than regular frying pans leading to healthier stir-fried food
Stir-frying is a fast way to cook small pieces of food. It results in healthy tend crisp vegetables which retain more nutrients than if they were boiled. The fat content is low as woks require less oil than regular frying pans
This wok is un-seasoned so you will need to season it before use. 
To keep your wok at its best it should be regularly seasoned: coat with flax seed oil or equivalent, and heat. This helps to prevent any rust and creates a natural non-stick cooking surface for your wok.
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