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Premium 4 Piece Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Roasting Pan Tray Set with Removable Grill Racks for Healthy Cooking Oven Pans Dish Roast Dinner Turkey with Drop Down Side Handles for Easy Lifting


Colour: Silver, Metallic
Material: Stainless Steel
Brand: Aurahome
Handle material: Stainless Steel

About this item

  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Made with high quality Stainless Steel
  • TRUSTED BRAND. Vintage Gourmet is trademarked brand TRADITIONAL WISDOM FOR THE MODERN KITCHEN Trademark number UK00003090946
  • This PROFESSIONAL stainless steel ROASTING TRAY is everything you need to make the perfect roast
  • The STURDY, REMOVABLE rack is handy for cooling your cooking creations and allowing meat juices to drip into the bottom of the tray
  • The rack allows fat to drip from meat. Carry the lightweight roasting tray to the hob by its folding grips to make rich gravy
  • Measurements: Sizes Small: 27cm L x 20.5cm W Medium: 32.5cm L x 24.5cm W – Large:37cm L x 28.5cm Extra Large: 41cm L x 32cm W
  • Resistant to 230º C in the oven.
  • The versatile roaster is perfect for poultry, pot roasts, vegetables and more.
  • Elevates your meat joint from the base for an all-over roast while allowing fat to drain away for a healthier final result
  • Easy to grip handles. It can also be used for steaming and poaching while being placed inside the oven. Large stainless steel handles are permanently securely welded on to ensure a firm grip even when wearing oven mitts. The handles have tapered ends to help grip from the centre of the handle for more precise safe handling