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Gutter Shield Leaf Guard Gutter Protection


Gutter Shield Leaf Guard prevents your gutter from continually filling up with leaves. We all enjoy trees with their beautiful leaves, but the buildup of leaves and twigs in your gutters is a problem, and leads to blockages, overflowing gutters and damage to your house. Gutter Shield ® is built using a stainless-steel wire core and polypropylene bristles, coated with a unique UV resistant material, to give long lasting protection from water overflow. Gutter Shield ® adapts automatically to the shape of almost any gutter, including corners and downpipes, and can be cleaned easily if necessary. It is easy and quick to fit and as it does not require special installation expertise, and once fitted into a clean system, clogged gutters and drains become a thing of the past.  Once you’ve tried the Gutter Shield ® you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

Each length of Gutter Shield ® is 4  metres long, and we supply 4 ties for each 4 metre length. It is available in various pack sizes: Single with 4 ties, Pack of 2 with 8 ties, Box of 5 with 20 ties, Box of 10 with 40 ties

The benefits

No need to continually clean out your gutters of leaves, twigs and moss

No more precarious balancing on ladders to reach the guttering

Helps prevent small birds form nesting between tiles and felt

Easy to install: easy to clean

Avoids problems with blocked guttering, blocked downpipes, rooftile damage and water overflows leading to damp problems

Manufactured using polypropylene brush filaments spun around a stainless steel wire spine, making it virtually indestructible!

Gutter Shield Leaf Guard Installation: no expert knowledge needed!

  • Ensure the brush diameter fits that of your gutter. It must fit snugly, without gaps around the sides, and the filaments should be seen above the level of your tiles or slate
  • Before installation, ensure any debris has been removed from your gutters and drains
  • Insert the brush into your gutter and run it continuously along the whole length of your guttering
  • When one brush finishes, bend the excess wiring backwards to form a hook. Do the same to the next gutter brush and join the two together using the hooked ends
  • Brushes should run continuously and can run across downpipes and drain outlets
  • Once you’ve filled your gutter trim the end of any excess gutter brush leaving 50mm to spare
  • Untwist the wire and remove the excess filaments, re-twist the spine, bend it into a hook shape and secure it into the gutter


Gutter Shield ® Leaf Guard is also available from our ebay store and also from our Amazon store.