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Garden Haven® Plant Ties – Cushioned Twist Tie with Wire Centre, Soft & Flexible Plastic, UV Stable, Green, 3mm x 160m (524ft) with Handy Cutting Tool


  • ✅🌿KIND WAY TO TIE PLANTS – This Soft Twist Plant Tie is durable, strong and easy to use, making it ideal for gently securing plants and shrubs in the garden. Soft-Tie provides superior cushioning and strength and is the choice for tying up plants that are heavily-laden with growing crops, or for tying up the thicker stems of trees, shrubs, roses, large climbers and fruit bushes
  • ✅🌿IDEAL FOR TRAINING PLANTS – For training and supporting young plants. Easy to secure with just a twist (no need for fiddly knots) and can be easily cut with CUTTER PROVIDED. With a couple of quick twists, the tie may be quickly and easily adjusted to accommodate growing stems.
  • ✅COMPLETE WITH HANDY CUTTER: A neat handy tool supplied with the tie easily cuts the tie when you need to and neat enough to keep with the roll so you take it wherever you need to.
  • ✅🌿 FLEXIBLE TIE GROWS WITH THE PLANT: The flexible plant tie grows with the tree or plant it will not slip or chafe the plant
  • ✅🌿 NON SLIP KNOT: Very strong and holds a knot without slipping, reliable when all depends on it
  • ✅🌿 REUSABLE & FROSTPROOF: Tie is rotproof so you can clean reuse time and time again UV resistant and waterproof, these plant ties are made to last through multiple seasons.
  • ✅🌿 VERSATILE DIMENSIONS FOR MULTIPLE PLANTS: Tailored to tie stems and branches ranging from 1 to 15mm, our 3mm plant tie proves ideal for a diverse array of plants such as Clematis, small shrubs or trees, beans, and peas. Enjoy the versatility offered by our product as you expertly secure various plant types in your splendid garden.
  • ✅SOFT COATING PROTECTS PLANTS – Discover this premium reusable garden solution for securing plants and garden structures, training vines and more. These Reusable Soft Twist Plant Ties feature high-quality rubberised wire using bonding process to prevent peeling and ensure optimal durability. The bendable wire inside holds its shape while the rubberised exterior coating is designed to be gentle on plants, making this plant wire tie for repositioning as plants grow
  • ✅🌿 STRONG, FLEXIBLE SUPPORT WIRE – Made from a unique flexible rubber compound and steel wire core gives it strength and the outer coating of UV-stabilised compound cushions and protects plant stems. It is long-lasting, does not rot, and can be washed, reshaped and re-used
  • ✅🌿 MUST HAVE FOR GARDENING ENTHUSIASTS/ ARTS & CRAFTS – DIMENSIONS – Each pack contains 160m/524ft of plant tie wire and it measures 3 mm in diameter