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Electric Patio Heater 1500W Hanging with Remote Control 51cm

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1500W Patio Heater with Remote Control from DWD

  • BRING WARMTH TO YOUR GARDEN: If you love spending fun nights outdoor in your patio or garden with your friends and family, our electric heater is a must! This electric garden heater allows you to stay warm and cosy, without worrying about those cold chillier evenings. Simply plug in your lamp and attach it to the ceiling with the hardware provided. The rocker power switch and steel mesh are highly efficient, safe, and waterproof so you can enjoy dining into the evening stress-free.
  • VERSATILE HEATING SOLUTIONS: This professional outdoor electric heater has waterproof protection and a durable construction that makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, restaurants, home, patio, gazebo, garden, Shed, terrace, backyard, workshops workspaces and other locations where heat is required
  • INNOVATIVE AND PRACTICAL: The outside heater uses two Carbon Fibre tube for efficiently delivering constant heat at a comfortable temperature. The Carbon Fibre Electric heater is also power-efficient and safe in terms of overheating. The output of 500w/1000w/1500w is comfortable for the size and offer a nice comforting warmth
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT: Using Carbon Fibre Heat tube lamps is the cutting edge in efficiency in today’s ever increasing energy prices saves you money while delivering the heat output much quicker than conventional models with an added bonus of a softer radiant heat.the temperature rises rapidly, more than 30% energy saving than the traditional metal electric heating materials.
  • CARBON FIBRE TUBE: a double carbon fibre 360 degree lamp also contains halogen gas and is a type of halogen lamp. The characteristics of the lamp give longer service life and lower element temperatures. This gives softer radiant heat and can be experienced as warmer. Tests have shown that a carbon fibre bulb heats the skin more efficiently and is therefore experienced as warmer despite a lower output.
  • Take your outdoor space to the next level; find everything you need to soak up some sun, enjoy a meal al fresco or work on your green fingers. Multi-functional – a source of both heat and light Cheap to operate – less than 15p an hour running cost, without the need to purchase fuel
  • Uses Carbon Fibre halogen heating technology to efficiently distribute heat standard 240 volts outlet and provides upto 1500 watts of warmth 30% more efficient than regular halogen tubes, The heater can be attached to the gazebo or outdoor ceiling with provided hook and chain Silver Anodized extruded aluminium alloy frame – durable and long lasting makes it more stable and safe with the protective grill

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Weight 3.45 kg
Dimensions 51 × 51 × 34 cm