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Electric Garden Weed Burner Wand- 2000W


  • QUICK & EASY WEED KILLER: DWD weed burner offers a simple and effective way to eliminate weeds from your garden. Simply destroy weeds by heating within 5 seconds with no chemicals. Attached to the burner is a specially designed cone which concentrates the heat directly onto the weed without damaging the surrounding areas. The flame reaches a maximum temperature of 650C , effectively controlling weeds between paving stones, driveways, or stone curbs
  • PRO WEEDING TOOL: DWD uses professional technology, the maximum flame temperature can reach 600°C , can quickly and effectively eliminate weeds from 5 seconds between paving stones, gardens or driveways.
  • ENVIRONMENT :Eco Friendly Weeding: No need for harsh chemicals or traditional gas canisters, this weed burner is environmentally friendly meaning your pets and children can remain safe in the garden at all times. It is powered by electricity and has no open flame, does not produce toxic and hazardous substances and gases, it will not cause harm to the human body, Respectful of the environment no pesticides, eliminates the use of toxic chemicals.
  • HIGH EFFICIENCY: The weed burner combines ultra-high 2000W and 230V performance, allowing temperatures up to 600° C and rapid weed removal. By combining the accessories, your work will be very effective.
  • SAFE USE: Compared to traditional weed burners, this product does not need to be used with natural gas but uses electricity to make it more efficient and safe result in the plant cells dying from root to tip, offers a precise and effective weed killing treatment. If the weeds are not completely burned, they will dry out in a few days
  • MULTI SURFACE: Multi Surface Weed Burner: The weed burner is specially designed for use on all sorts of terrains such as driveways, paths, patios and gardens, with the purposely designed long handle it means you won’t break your back doing it. Detachable handle extension for easily carry around and kill the weeds with ease
  • OVER HEAT PROTECTION: Compared with the equipment that uses gas, this electric weed burner tool is very safe, there is no open flame, just use electricity, reduces the risk of potential fires. And the handle is long enough to ensure your safety. Multifunctional Device: it can be used as a weed burner as a whole, or change the nozzle type to use as a barbecue lighter. Turn the main body and separate it, can be used as a hot air gun. you can choose from a variety of functions as you want!
  • 2 HEAT SETTINGS: 500 Litres of hot air per min There are two heat settings meaning you can get even the toughest of weeds!
  • SPEC: Volt?230V~240V, Frequency? 50Hz, Power: 2000W, Temperature & Air Flow: I: 50 °C, 500L/min (cooling), II: 600 °C , 500L/min, Certifications: CE/GS/EM
  • DETACHABLE HANDLE: Extension for easily carrying around and to kill weeds with ease
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Weight 1.26 kg
Dimensions 80 × 8 × 10 cm