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DWD® Water Heater Boiler 5 Litre Stainless Steel Tank Laser Welded Tank & Tap for All Camping Stoves with 4 Inch 100mm or 60mm Flue, Full Round Wraps around the complete Flue Suit 100mm Flue- 4 Inch


Brand: AuraHome
Fuel type: Wood
Material: Stainless Steel
Power source: Wood
Maximum energy output: 3000 Watts

About this item

  • EXCLUSIVE: Perfect fit for camping stoves can store and heat up water with, built-in easy-to-use tap. You can now buy this highly practical and must-have water heater separately! Designed for camping, festivals, and the like. Convenient for those long relaxing excursions. Efficiently fill up those mugs or buckets
  • This handy lightweight water heater wraps perfectly round the flue of your tent stove taking full advantage of the heat generated by the flue. Place the base onto the stove top and water will heat in no time. Turn it around once the water is hot to prevent over heating. Great addition to a tent stove set up to provide hot water for cooking and washing as it holds a generous 5L of water. Have hot water on tap for tea in no time.
  • 60MM FLUE: Suitable for any stove that has a 60mm (2.36 inch flue) Weighs 1750g size: 17cm diameter x 29cm Height, The 60mm water heaters are fully compatible with our DWD Sherwood Stove, the Galloway Stove, the Epping Stove and the Ashdown Stove
  • 100MM FLUE: Suitable for any stove that has a100mm (4 Inch) Weighs 2000g size 19cm Diameter x 30cm Height, The 100m flue water heaters have been designed to harness the heat of your favourite stove to provide hot water on tap! It wraps around the bottom flue section and sits on top of your wood burning stove or any stove with a 100mm flue pipe. Once the water has boiled the water heater can be turned around to hang from the bottom flue.
  • PRACTICAL: Clever design: water tank wraps around the flue pipe absorbing maximum heat, leaving stove-top available for other pans
  • CARRY BAG INCLUDED: A handy carry bag to keep the water heater in good condition when it is not is use and for easy handling worth £9.99
  • FOLD DOWN HANDLE: Integrated fold down handle for conveinent safe handling especially when the water is hot
  • LASER WELDED TAP & SEAMS : Improved design & fabrication techniques used to provide the latest edition ensuring leak proof seams and a reliable tap
  • BRUSHED STAINLESS STEEL: Premium brushed stainless steel used
  • CAMP MATE: Hot water is just as essential as a camp fire for heat

Technical Details