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DWD Washable Bed Protector Pad – Pack of 2, Single Bed Size, Blue


DWD Washable Bed Protector Pad – Pack of 2, Single Bed Size, Blue

(90cm x 85cm)


Brand DWD
Size 85 x 90 cm Single Bed
Fabric Type 4 Layers for Optimum Absorbency
Special feature Hypoallergenic, Water Proof, Non Slip, Washable, Breathable
Closure type Tuck Tails

About this item

  • ✅ FOR ALL – Great for kids with bedwetting, incontinent adults, or people with pets, the Waterproof Mattress Pad and Sheet Protector will prevent urine, sweat, and other fluids from soaking into and ruining your mattress. Soft, top layer means you won’t sacrifice comfort The top layer of this mattress protector waterproof is made of soft cotton so you can sleep on it comfortably.
  • ✅ 100% WATERPROOF AMAZING ABSORPTION : absorbs up to 8 cups of fluid, more than the average adult bladder can hold! Waterproof vinyl layer is sandwiched between the soft absorbent padded layers On the bottom is a waterproof vinyl layer that ensures your sheets and mattress stay dry. The waterproof vinyl layer is woven into the fabric to make it silent as well as soft.Hassle Free Night – easily swap out a wet bed pad and toss it into the wash. Our convenient 2 pack of high quality bed pads will last wash after wash and can be quickly tumble dried – making bed changes no longer an issue!
  • ✅WASHABLE & HYPOALLERGENIC: Machine washable at 40 degrees and can be tumble dried at low heat. If necessary they can be ironed at low heat Machine wash and dry night after night without balling or flaking, may use bleach
  • ✅ BREATHABLE MEMBRANE: 4 Layers for Optimum Absorbency Breathable, Soft & Absorbent – rid your home of plasticy, scratchy, crinkly and leaking protectors and enjoy a soft breathable expert designed Waterproof bed pad for a comfortable night’s sleep. It stops all liquid reaching your expensive mattress whether it is for Bedwetting, Incontinence or other uses. Suitable to use with or without Tena pads.
  • ✅TUCKS INCLUDED: Stays Put All Night – Unlike disposable bed pads with Our Bed Protector you can trust that no matter how much one tosses and turns at night our DWD bed pad stays put as they are secured with tuck in flaps that are 50cm long for easy fitting. Tuck-In Tails hold it in the right place
  • ✅ SIZE: 85 x 90 cm: Suits a single Mattress, protector designed to cover the lower portion of the mattress
  • ✅ 2 PACK SO YOU ALWAYS HAVE ONE SPARE: Bumper value 2 pack