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DWD Sherwood® Outdoor Wood Portable Log Burner Cooking Stove Set With Heat Mat 75x125cm Laser Welded S Steel Water Heater Boiler Carry Bag,(Stove set with 2L water heater


Brand: AuraHome
Fuel type: Wood
Material: Alloy Steel
Power source: Wood
Maximum energy output: 2000 Watts
Item weight: 10 Kilograms

About this item

  • PORTABLE: Highly portable, light and quick to set up, the Sherwood Wood Stove for tent is the ultimate cooking facility for any outdoor scenario. , the Stove packs up to be carried like a suitcase, giving you the warmth of a stove, Whether it’s for outdoor use – excellent for sites that don’t allow open fires. A perfect set that includes a safety heat resistant mat (75c125cm) to protect your self and others from injury together with a laser welded water heater tank an essential for camping
  • COMPACT: It has been designed to be both lightweight and compact as well as being very durable. When it is being stored or transported the flue sections can be packed away and stored inside its belly. It also has a handle on its side to make transporting it even easier.LIGHTWEIGHT: At only 10kg, you really can take anywhere you want to. It is also 10 times more fuel efficient than an open fire, and the long flue helps transport the smoke away from you so that you won’t breath it in
  • WATER TANK OPTION 2L,3L,5L :Suits 1-2 people or a family, hot water we all need for washing, tea, cooking and a good feeling the water has been heated by the stove flue pipe , just clips around the flue pipe out of the way.
  • With long legs, designed to create a good working height and protect the floor from being burnt, as the Stove flue goes through the roof of your Tent, it occupies a more central position than stoves that go through the wall – great for efficient heat distribution. Each Stove comes with 3 lockable legs and a carry handle, as well as 5 sections of flue that fit into the stove – one that has an adjustable, rotating ‘baffle plate’ that controls the airflow and therefore the burning speed.
  • The long flue also makes it ideal for being installed in fire retardant shelters such as Tipis, Bell Tents, Yurts and even sheds! We also sell flashing kits, so that it can correctly be installed with the flue going out the roof of the shelter.
  • This means that the stove can be utilised for heating as well as cooking.The stove is fantastic to cook on. There is room for a couple of pans on top of the stove, and you can even remove the hot plate cover so the open flames can lick the bottom of the pot, meaning you have more control over the heat when cooking.
  • Dimensions Flue height 1.91m Total height (inc stove) 2.41mSize 50cm x 28cm x 29cm
  • Material: Cold rolled steel Output: Heat Output Approx 2 kW
  • Gift boxed, Compact size ideal for travelling, events, holidays, breaks weekends makes the camping outdoor experience a whole lot more enjoyable

Technical Details