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DWD Large Parcel Delivery Box

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Large Parcel Delivery box from DWD

  • This parcel drop box will receive parcels in your absence: for flats, bungalows and small households
  • Made from rust resistant galvanised steel and finished in powder coating
  • Couriers simply open the top of the parcel box and place your deliveries inside
  • Due to the design of the box and a unique anti-fishing device, your deliveries are then locked within the lower compartment until you return. Use your personal key to gain access and retrieve your parcel
  • Magnetic closure
  • The parcel box includes fixtures and fittings: please ensure these are suitable for your home before installing
  • Ideal for smaller households or those looking for something a little more discrete: this parcel box is designed to be installed on the wall of your home or bolted to the floor near your front door
  • Dimensions: top is 44cm x 36cm, height is 58cm at the back and 56cm at the front
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Weight 12.9 kg
Dimensions 51 × 41 × 64 cm