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DWD® “Daintree” 21kW Wood Pellet Stove with 3-Sided Glass Viewing and Air Control System, Gravity Feeding Hopper (5.5kg Fuel Capacity), 100mm Stainless Steel Flue, Portable Cooking Top


Brand DWD
Material Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel
Colour Black
Product dimensions 56D x 42W x 58H centimetres
Assembly required Yes

About this item

  • ✅THREE SIDES GLASS – FLAME VIEWING : Heat resistant oversized Glass viewing windows on three sides to get the full view of the firebox all round, makes it feel more cosy and ambient looking at the fire burning flame viewing.
  • ✅WOOD PELLETS: Pellet stoves are CO2 neutral, automatic, easier to use than wood-burning stoves, and low in emissions of particulates Fuel capacity is 5.5kg, Feeding interval: 2 hours
  • ✅CARBON NEUTRAL: Pellets are made with sawdust from the wood processing industry (furniture, pallets, lumber) Pellet stoves are carbon neutral because the carbon released during combustion is equivalent to that absorbed by the tree during its growth.For a start, the most effective pellet stoves can be up to 90% more efficient than the average wood burner, pellets that contain a mixture of sawdust, bark,other biodegradable materials, level of airborne particulates that they produce is relatively low.
  • ✅BURNS HOTTER & CLEANER: The Daintree wood pellet stove burns hotter and cleaner than their wood counterparts. Wood pellet stoves also emit fewer pollutants than traditional fireplaces. They’re considered to be carbon neutral by many environmentalists, pellets are made from trees that lived on carbon, so the two cancel each other out. The pellets also are inexpensive, versus the upfront costs of purchasing firewood.
  • ✅LESS SMOKE: The fire is contained in a heat box inside the unit, there is a minimum of smoke, which lessens the smell in your home and prevents the outside of the unit from heating up. Pellets create considerably less ash than firewood
  • ✅STAINLESS STEEL FLUE: Flue is 100mm diameter 3pcs and 1 pc spark arrestor
  • ✅HEAT OUTPUT 21kw : Provides over 71k BTU heats large areas around 2500 sq ft.
  • ✅SIZE: Size: 42x56x58cm Material: 2mm mild steel Flue outlet dia.: 100mm; Weight: N.W: 22KG 1 pc Ash tray 304 Stainless steel knobs
  • ✅ COST EFFECTIVE: Pellet stoves are ideal for providing supplementary heating between seasons. As such, they represent good value because using a stove avoids having to restart the central heating at the beginning of winter and allows it to be stopped earlier at the end of the heating season. It also provides relief for the central heating system during the cold season.