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DWD® 45° Angled Tent Flashing Kit With Perspex Porthole for Stove Flues (60mm-125mm)


Brand AuraHome
Fuel type Wood
Material Silicone
Product dimensions 27L x 22W x 17H centimetres
Power source Wood
Maximum energy output 10 BTU per Hour per Foot per Degree Fahrenheit
Item weight 1.1 Kilograms

About this item

  • SUITABLE FOR ALL : The Stove Tent angled 45 degree Flashing Kit with Perspex Porthole lets you modify your tent for use with all types of stoves and fire retardant canvas shelters such as Bell tents, Tipis or Yurts to safely exhaust all smoke to atmosphere.We recommend you only use a stove on a fire-retardant canvas.
  • UP TO 300° DECREES C: The silicone flashing kit can take temperatures of up to 300degC with a base size of 160mm with an adjustable hole 40mm to 125mm., enabling you to safely vent smoke outside.
  • PERSPEX PORTHOLE COVER: The perspex porthole cover with the kit enables the tent stove hole to be filled when the stove is not fitted creating an attractive porthole window in your tent, letting in light.. Simply remove the silicone and insert the pespex disk. Perspex porthole cover to seal hole when not using a stove. 2 predrilled circular clamping rings 1 predrilled silicone seal 8 bolts and butterfly wing nuts for easy opening closing
  • ADAPTABLE: It does not have to be installed on the roof of the tent; it can be installed on the vertical side also. Once you know where you want to install the stove, make a mark with a pen on the canvas ready for installation.
  • CUT TO SUIT: The starting hole is 40mm wide which fits onto a 60mm flue pipe easily and ensures a snug fit, for larger sizes the silicone seal needs to be trimmed to suit and not over cutting making sure that the fit is tight this avoids smoke coming back inside the tent.
  • wood stoves is that most of the heat comes not from the firebox but the 1st few feet of the exhaust pipe. The greater length of pipe inside the tent, the more warmth you will get from the stove. However, putting a hole in the roof of a tent can sometimes cause a leak at the stove jack during the rainy season, so another option is to have the stove exhaust exit through the side of the tent. In this situation where the exhaust pipe is necessarily very short, a larger firebox is called for. .
  • We take no responsibility for the use or misuse of our flashing kit. Stoves should never be left unattended or whilst sleeping, making sure all safety precautions are in place. All stoves should also be used in conjunction with a fire mat and only be used by a responsible adult. We do not accept any liability for losses or damages caused using the flashing kitMake sure to leave about 1m (or 3 feet) of flue pipe in between the stove and the flashing installed in the canvas of your tent.