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DWD® 2KW Electric Ceiling Heater,Infrared Patio Heater, Carbon Heating Element, 650/1350/2000W,LED Illumination, Diameter: 60.5cm,24Inch IP34,Remote Control,Silver Aluminum Frame Garden,Gazebo,Balcony


Brand: AuraHome

Special feature:

Rocker waterproof power switch, 50cm length of chain provided and snaphook, Versatile – IP34 approval makes the heater suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, Anodized extruded aluminium alloy frame – durable and long lasting, Efficient Carbon Fibre Tube heating element, 1.5m power cord length, Remote Control for 3 power settings and LED Lights illumination, 360 degrees ring heat tube for more coverage

Colour: Silver
Form factor: Pedestal
Indoor/Outdoor usage: Indoor
Power source
Corded Electric
Heating method

About this item

  • More time under the open sky! With the DWD infrared ceiling heater, enjoy social gatherings or intimate evenings on the terrace or in the garden for longer, in any season. The infrared emitter provides a powerful heat and light source for indoor and outdoor use, even on cold days.
  • Take your outdoor space to the next level; find everything you need to soak up some sun, enjoy a meal al fresco or work on your green fingers. Multi-functional – a source of both heat and light Cheap to operate – less than 15p an hour running cost, without the need to purchase fuel
  • Environmentally-friendly infrared heater with 60.5 cm diameter, switchable LED lighting for indoor and outdoor use Uncomplicated ceiling installation with chain and snap hooks; includes remote control.
  • Environmentally friendly and energy efficient: its two powerful carbon heating elements work in three stages with optionally 650W, 1350W or 2000W of power, and can thereby envelop areas up to 10 m² in warmth. Unlike ordinary heaters, the infrared radiation doesn’t just heat the surrounding area: it transfers the heat directly to the illuminated people and objects to give off heat to the environment. The switchable LED lighting also provides the opportunity to illuminate the surrounding area.
  • CARBON FIBRE TUBE: a double carbon fibre 360 degree lamp also contains halogen gas and is a type of halogen lamp. The characteristics of the lamp give longer service life and lower element temperatures. This gives softer radiant heat and can be experienced as warmer. Tests have shown that a carbon fibre bulb heats the skin more efficiently and is therefore experienced as warmer despite a lower output.
  • Uses Carbon Fibre halogen heating technology to efficiently distribute heat standard 240 volts outlet and provides upto 1500 watts of warmth 30% more efficient than regular halogen tubes, The heater can be attached to the gazebo or outdoor ceiling with provided hook and chain Silver Anodized extruded aluminium alloy frame – durable and long lasting makes it more stable and safe with the protective grill
  • The DWD infrared heater ie easy to install on ceilings, tent frames or terrace roofs. A stable steel chain including practical snap hooks is included with delivery, meaning that only a corresponding hook or bracket is required. The power supply is simple and does not require cumbersome electrical installation.
  • UK APPROVED AND CERTIFIED SAFE: This Patio Heater has gone through stringent quality control tests and complies to the very latest UK safety regulations to ensure you have have total peace of mind with your purchase. UK CA ROHS CE Produces zero harmful emissions or toxic residuals and is CE certified with IP34 waterproof grading The hanging lamp has protection class IP34 and is thus protected against splashing water and the intrusion of foreign bodies of about 2.5 cm diameter.
  • So equipped, the DWD infrared heater is also ideal for animals in stables, for example while rearing young animals or during winter. Its warming service also makes it ideal for use in gazebos, garden houses, or under awnings and marquees.
  • REMOTE CONTROL: control at your fingertips once you have switched on the patio heater by the rocker switch then to operate the heat settings select 650w/1350w/2000w for the desired heat and select the LED lights to ensure illumination when in the darkness. No assembly required

Technical Details