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Door Mat Coir Hedgehogs Latex Backed 45cm x 75cm


Premium Quality Doormat from Vintage Decor

  • HIGH GRADE organic coir that is mechanically twisted during the production process. This results in considerably lower fibre shedding and produces a dense coir filled mat. It will hold together for longer and is heavier and so will not move easily. It remains flat whatever the weather
  • ECO FRIENDLY: made from 100% natural coconut fibres with sturdy quality that will last longer and also adds appeal to your door step. Coir mats offer the perfect solution for keeping entrance ways, floor recesses and door wells dry and free from dirt and dust. The coarse rustic fibres scrape clean passing foot traffic removing wet and dry dirt quickly & efficiently
  • RUBBER LATEX NON-SLIP BACKING: the heavy duty door mat can be used on any surface and comes with an anti-slip backing. This keeps the mat in its place, even when it is walked on and when shoes are brushed on it 
  • CHOICE: the range of natural coir non-slip door mats by Vintage Decor offer a quick and easy solution to show off your personality
  • OPTIMAL SIZES: quality scraper area of 45 x 75 cm makes the perfect surface to clean your shoes well without being bulky at the door. Safe and practical with a 15mm pile depth
  • MAKE AN ENTRANCE: best suited as an indoor doormat welcoming people into your home in style, or adding personality to an office or workplace. As an outdoor mat for covered entrance ways place your doormat where you will most impress house visitors and in high foot traffic areas to reduce dirt and dust being walked into your home.
  • CARE: shake and vacuum regularly will improve appearance and free up fibres to make the mat fuller. Clean with dry foam or powder cleaner similar to carpet process, avoid strong detergents or solvents, as these tend to weaken the natural fibres which may result in pile-loss. Brushing it using a stiff broom or brush is a highly effective way to clean your coir mat: just make sure the mud or other dirt is left to dry otherwise brushing will simply force the dirt deeper into the fibres


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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 75 × 45 × 1.5 cm