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Bayliss XL Autovent Automatic Greenhouse Window Opener – Temperature Sensitive Solar Vent Opener


Colour Silver
Brand Bayliss
Cover material Plastic
Frame material Aluminium
Closure type Latch

About this item

  • Designed to fit most metal and wooden greenhouses
  • Electricity free using solar power to automatically open and close your greenhouse windows
  • Built from durable and corrosion resistant materials, annodised aluminium and recycled plastic bracketary
  • Hand built here in the UK using quality components and guaranteed for 2 years
  • Lifting force of over 6kg and has maximum opening range of 30cm
  • Please Note that certain greenhouses may require additional fittings when installing your autovent, Halls and Robinsons Greenhouses fittings are available from the Bayliss Website, along with our other autovent products!