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Aurahome Vintage Decor® Premium Heavy Duty Distressed Finish Stone Effect Church Window Grand Arch Design Mirror Waterproof & Metal Backing 7mm Thick Glass One Piece construction 4x56x105cm 12kgs


About this item

  • WHERE TO PLACE? Where you place your mirror and the surrounding items around it, will dictate how successful an illusion you can create. Just having a mirror on its own with nothing around it isn’t that effective. Mirrors work best in the garden when there are lots of plants growing around them so that they blend in with the background and your eyes have fewer edges showing to focus on that shout, “this is a mirror!”
  • REFLECT LIGHT: Mirrors help reflect light that plants need to grow. Mirrors are useful plant-growing tools because they can redirect light to places it is needed most. Using mirrors to reflect sunlight for plants can be used in an outdoor garden to help brighten shady areas where you’d like to have more plants grow.
  • 7MM 1/4 inch THICKNESS MIRROR GLASS: Is a mark of a quality mirror and is recommended since it will not misshapen a reflection, even if the wall where it is positioned is not flat
  • ONE PIECE CONSTRUCTION: Another good sign this is of good quality, no joins pressed in one mould means full strength frame is much more robust to hold the weight of the mirror together with the solid metal backing makes this a perfect choice for indoor or outdoor. Waterproof And Oxidised Proof Metal Backing And solid structure 4 Layer Computerised and resistant E-Coating 100% Water Resistant and Frost resistant
  • GRAND ARCH: Traditional church are window stone effect design that is striking in appearance placed anywhere it will transform the garden space Create the illusion of extra space When you can’t see the edges or a defined shape of a mirror it blends in seamlessly to a space. In a garden space this works brilliantly to give depth to a flower bed and soften corners. It also helps to reflect light, ideal in a small shady corner of the garden.
  • TIP: Place mirrors on walls in the shape of a doorway or window and the reflection will give the illusion that the garden continues to another area beyond. Frame it with plants or put a gate in front of the mirror to highlight the illusion. 2. Reflect the beauty of your plants and flowers
  • SOLID WELDED METAL BACKING: Solid welded metal backing with fixing points so the mirror is well protected as usually the backing are poor and the mirror thin which ends up broken
  • REALITY: Basically, you need to mix as much reality in with your illusion as you can. For example, I have attached an open gate next to a full-length mirror, with a stepping stone path going up to it, which creates the illusion of an entire garden beyond. Details are important. With our full-length mirror and stepping stone path, we cut the last steppingstone in half and placed it right next to the bottom of the mirror so that a full steppingstone was reflected back.
  • POSITION CORRECTLY: One last thing on the placement of mirrors and this is really, really important, especially in hotter countries – be aware of the sun! You need to place your mirror out of the sun so you don’t end up accidentally setting fire to your fence or neighbours garden with the reflection from the sun.
  • BIRDCARE: a mirror might cause an injury to birds, so please place them responsibly – so not too large or high. I’ve never personally come across this but do consider flight paths etc in when positioning them. And have plants growing near and slightly over them, that will help dissuade birds from flying into them.

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