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AuraHome VD Premium Victorian Bowed Front Cast Iron Fire Grate with 4 Legs Elegant Standing Fireside,to Suit Fireplace Opening Size of 16 inches Heavy Gauge Weight 6kg, Black, 37×27.5x25cm


  • PREMIUM GRADE 6KG: Made from premium cast iron ore which gives its density and weight of 6kg whereas others are much lighter ie. 3kg this results in the grate cracking splitting because of impure cast iron ie. recycled metals and thinner gauge. Will not be disappointed with this grate made to a high standard. DIMENSIONS: Grate Widest point 37cm ,Deepest 27.5cm, Shortest edge is 20cm Side Height front 11cm Height rear 8cm high FIREPLACE OPENING SIZE: Suitable for fireplace opening size of 16 Inch
  • HEAT RESISTANT PAINT FINISH: Ready to use finished in a quality matt black heat resistant finish up to 600 degrees C, most other grates are unfinished and require painting to cover the filing marks from the foundry READY: ready to use straight away out of the box This fire grate is constructed from quality cast iron and is an essential component for every open fire. With four sturdy legs, this reliable and robust fire grate has a angled design to contain your solid fuel..
  • 4 LEGS: good stability & Bowed front using a smaller footprint and symmetrical to the angles of the grate aesthetically pleasing suitable for burning solid fuels such as coals & logs| Eco friendly Nostalgia Retro look essential addition to your fireplace With four sturdy legs allowing it to stand freely in the fireplace opening and to allow room for an ash pan, this reliable & robust fire grate to contain your solid fuel such as coals, wood log, very durable & strong
  • TIP:To get the best results from your grate the hot coals should be regularly “riddled” with a poker. This helps ash to fall through the grate into the ash collecting tray, allowing air to flow in. The increased airflow feeds the flames and also prevents a build-up of excessive heat which would damage the ironwork. Distinctive product with a modern design, the cast iron fire grate
  • AMBIANCE: Bring a Cosy Atmosphere Have you ever heard anyone say there’s nothing quite like the gentle hum of an electric fire or the silent flickers of gas? No, that’s because no one ever does. It may be strictly from an aesthetically pleasing point of view, but curling up on the sofa, the flames crackling and spitting in the fireplace, creates a much stronger ambiance. benefit of a fireplace is that it acts as a focal point for family and friends to gather around to share drinks

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