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AuraHome® Pure Bright Indoor Lamp Oil Premium Quality, Low Odour, Clean Burning Unfragranced Built In Nozzle for more control Perfect for Oil Lamps Lanterns light up your home traditonally 2 x 1 litre


  • 200 Hours from One Litre: One litre highest quality lamp oil. Will burn for 200 hours in a single wicked oil candle, Works in both single wicked oil candles and traditional oil lamps This offer is for
  • SMOKE FREE BURNING: Lowest aromatic content available for odour free burning. Shortest carbon chain, meaning very clean, smoke free burning.
  • Pure N-Paraffin – Made from the purest n-paraffin, our AuraHome Brand oil burner lamp is highly refined Suitable for ALL types of oil lamp and oil burning candles
  • SAFE TO USE: High flash point means product will not burn without the presence of a wick, Safe To Store. Allow 5 minutes for wick to absorb the oil before lighting. Please observe the flame and adjust wick accordingly
  • CHILD PROOF CAP: with safety in mind together with bult in nozzle for controlled use and prevents overfilling, spillages.

Technical Details