AuraHome® Portable Indoor Gas Heater 3 Heat Settings- 4.2KW Foldable Mobile Indoor Butane Gas Fire for Home Cabinet with Safety approved Gas Regulator Hose Set Anti-tilt Safety device Heating solution


Brand: AuraHome
Special features`: Ceramic Plates, Anti-tilt Safety device, 3 Power Settings, ODS (Oxygen Depletion Sensor), Flame-Failure Protection Device, 4 swivel Castors, Auto Piezo Ignition, Foldable design
Colour: Black
Form factor: Cabinet
Indoor/Outdoor usage: Indoor
Power source
Gas Bottle
Heating method
Item weight
8.5 Kilograms
Heat output
14330 BTU per Hour per Foot per Degree Fahrenheit

About this item

  • COSTS LESS: Gas converts a higher percentage of energy to heat than electricity, meaning you can run your gas heater for a small amount of time and heat a room faster than if you were using an electric heater, getting far more bang for your buck.
  • CASTORS: Easy to move especially when loaded with gas bottle 4 swivel castors make it very easy to manoeuvre The portable gas radiant heater has a convenient, mobile, and space-saving design, built-in Wheels, you can take this heater from one room to another without any problem
  • ANTI-TILT SWITCH: For safety, if heater tips or falls over, this device will automatically shut your heater off. Tip over protection
  • FOLDABLE DESIGN: Easy to assemble. Need storage space in the summer? This mobile gas heater folds up to a sixth of its full size, making it super convenient to keep out of the way when not in use. Ideal for holiday home, caravan, daily use Use in construction sites, courtyards, factories, sports events, public utilities, and outdoor buildings, as well as agricultural functions and Home Office Room etc
  • AUTO PIEZOELECTRIC IGNITION:, removing the need for batteries so makes turning the heater on easy. this indoor heater is equipped with automatic piezo ignition. You can adjust the heating power via the control knob by choosing from the 3 heat settings according to your preferences
  • OXYGEN DEPLETION SYSTEM: Oxygen depletion sensors (ODS) are used on virtually all modern vent-free heaters and fireplaces. The sensor is designed to shut off the fuel if the oxygen level in the room drops from 21% (normal air) to 18.5% oxygen by volume or below. The reduction in oxygen triggers a thermocouple which closes the gas valve.The heater will shut off if it gets knocked over accidentally or the oxygen around is too low.
  • SAFETY COMPLIANT HOSE AND REGULATOR PROVIDE: Rest assured safety come first Butane gas regulator 21mm clip-on and hose are included. Gas Bottle Required (Not Included) Space for gas cylinder: up to 15kgs
  • SAFETY TIP: Always use a gas cylinder that has a type of connection compatible with the hose and regulator supplied with the product. Be sure to perform a leakage test before using the unit by applying a 50/50 mixture of soap and water solution on all connections and make sure that when you turn it on, there are no bubbles showing on all connections. Please note: To turn the heater off you need to stop the gas flow from the gas regulator; stop the gas supply then put the knob into the first position.
  • Heating On Demand, Built To Last, Easy To Operation Use heater only in well-ventilated areas.
  • FLAME FAILURE DEVICE: Three heat output settings ranging from 1.55 to 4.2kW (5,288 to 14,330Btu/hr). Safety features fitted include a flame failure device CERAMIC HEAT PLATES: Ideal for holding heat

Technical Details