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AuraHome GH® Universal Rattan Day Bed 180cm Diameter Replacement Base Cushions Only – 4 Quarter Segments to form a circle and the Centre Round Cushion (5 Pieces) compatible with most brands (Cream)


About this item

  • COMPLETE SET: Renovate your day bed to give it a new lease of life with this opportunity to purchase a complete set of base cushions so that is 4 quarter segments and the centre round cushion.
  • SHOWERPROOF COATING: PA coating gives you the protection you need against the sudden UK showers that we see so often just as you set up it decides to rain so these cushions give you reassurance that they can protect from damage for the shower but can’t be left out when not in use. PA stands for polyacrylate and in textiles is used as a yarn or fabric coating to give a crisp finish to fabrics and also gives them a certain amount of water resistance
  • PA coating also protects against spillage of drink liquids just in case that happens it won’t seep into the fabric saving the day
  • REMOVABLE COVERS: Very convenient to take covers off and wash them at 30 degrees periodically to keep them in good condition, the removable covers have a hidden zipper.
  • UKFR: Safe and approved foam filling is UKFR. Combustion-modified flexible polyurethane foam; polyester comfort. layer; fire retardant fabric cover (sourced from the UK)
  • FABRIC: Quality 220gsm Polyester for hard-wearing use It is easy to clean and dirt-resistant.

Technical Details