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Aurahome DWD Home Real Fire/Fire Pit Starter Kit Includes 20Kg Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs, Kiln Dried Kindling, Fibre & Twizzler Firelighters I Long Safety Matches Fireplace Stove Pizza Ovens,Chimineas Brand: AuraHome


Brand: Aurahome
Material: Wood
Flavour: Natural Wood

About this item

  • A quality fire starter solid fuel set comprising 20kg Kiln dried hardwood, kindling, natural wood wool firelighters, odourless fibre fire lighters, extra long saftey matches a perfect natural soloution to the need of real warmth the ECO way.
  • Highest quality and best performing logs Ideal for burning on any wood burning appliance alone, or alongside other solid fuels. These logs are often used in wood burning stoves, multi-fuel stoves, pizza ovens, chimineas or traditional open fires. Kiln Dried Logs have a moisture level of less than 20%, so they can be burnt immediately. These logs will burn at a high temperature, and with a long and natural flame
  • Get your fire off to a great start with these 100% natural firelighters that have been manufactured with a unique blend of compressed pine wood and vegetable oil which will give you a completely natural fire lighter. Unlike paraffin based firelighters, the smell will not transfer onto the food making them easier to store making them easier to use on BBQ’s.
  • Simply light the broken edge of the fire lighter to help get your fire or BBQ off to a roaring start. They are perfect for use on Open Fires, Multi-fuel Stoves, Wood Burners, Boilers. 100% natural firelighters made of small pieces of wood, wool and wax which will light in most conditions odourless- burn with smokeless and odourless flame for 7-10 minutes and will not transfer odour or residue onto food – Odourless Fibre Fire Lighters For Open Fires, BBQ’s & Campfires Easy to light 28 pack
  • Extra long matches Match Size – 280 mm (11 Inches) Approx 90 Matches In Box Fireplace long matches, quality matches that will make light work of lighting your open fire, stove, candles and even barbeques. Allows for a safe distance from the flames and heat. These are very useful for anyone who may have difficulty with close up vision too.