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AuraHome® Cast Iron Bronze Boot Scraper with Stiff Nylon Bristles effectively removes mud, Welly Boot Remover & Cleaner, Brush for Muddy Boots Heavy Duty 3.4KG Non Slip Rubber Feet (26cm W x 20cm D)


About this item

  • TRADITIONAL:Designed to be placed near the entrance of your property. This traditional style boot jack features 2 boot brushes. Bootjack will help you remove dirty shoes, keeping your home clean and tidy.Boot Scraper is the perfect solution for any muddy and dirty boots. Manufactured from cast iron with durable rustic paint, preventing rust.
  • HEAVY DUTY: Construction of cast iron is well made and heavy weighs 3.4kg good heavy weight so won’t move easily
  • BRONZE POWDERCOATING: A beautiful classic rustic bronze finish ideal to blend in well outdoors and compliments your home
  • NYLON BRISTLES: Black stiff nylon bristles will do the job properly of removing dirt,mud from your footwear, nylon bristles won’t rot or wither away, become soft like coir bristles.with the climate we have all year round yes rain we need to think ahead of items we put outside and think about durabilty as items should last a long time.
  • DIMENSIONS: Overall 26cm Width Height 15cm Depth 20cm – Nylon bristle area each pad is 9cm wide x 16.5 depth x height 2.5cm
  • NON SLIP FEET: Durable non marking non slip feet 2cm diameter footprint so will have good contact with the ground

Technical Details