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4.5L Chafing Dish Stainless Steel with Lid


Complete Stainless Steel Round Chafing Dish Set from The Vintage Gourmet

Set includes 1 round water pan, 1 round food pan, 1 foldable round frame, 1 lid and 1 fuel holder
Stainless steel construction for superior strength and corrosion resistance
Food grade stainless steel with a satin mirror finish
Heavy duty stand provides excellent stability
Safe round edge design and hollow handles
The elevated shelf positions heat close to the water pan maintaining your food’s optimum temperature for hours
To keep food warm add hot water to the water pan and light the fondue fuel can. To lower the water temperature add some ice to the water pan
Built-in lid holder saves space and keeps lid handy
Tempered clear glass lid for easy viewing of food. The air vent prevents a build up of steam spoiling the food
Hand wash with hot soapy water (do not scrub with abrasive materials.) To maintain the satin mirror finish avoid salt and acidic foods and harsh detergents

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Weight 2.6 kg
Dimensions 34 × 34 × 22 cm