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18 inch Clay Solid Fire Back


About this item

  • Vintage  Decor  fireback  made from fire clay Eco Friendly which can withstand the high temperatures present in solid fuel and gas fires has the additional advantage that the cast iron of the fireback is warmed by the fire and the fireback therefore radiates extra heat. Experts say that the installation of a radiant fireback increases the efficiency of your fireplace by almost 50%. This fireback is half the cost of cast iron firebacks and increases the fireplace’s efficiency as well.
  • What does a fire back do? Rather than being used as a protective device, firebacks are now used to help your fireplace burn more efficiently. The idea is simple: when you burn a fire in your fireplace, the bricks absorb a lot of heat
  • Made from Fireclay, comes in four sizes 12” 14” 16” and 18” One piece construction or with Cut-out for back-boiler with joint (scored), easily separated for expansion This is the most common fireback of all. It is made by a high temperature firing of selected fireclays. Supplied with or without a throat forming lintel 
  • What size fireback do I need? You can select a fireback up to the width of your fireplace’s back wall. (Sometimes that is the same width as your fireplace opening and other times the firebox tapers, so the back wall is narrower.) If for example, the back wall of your fireplace is 16 inches wide, you can safely use a fireback up to 16 inches wide
  • Use for building a universal fireplace, upgrade worn out fire bricks, improve heat efficiency, heat lasts longer and is not just lost through the walls, the best material is fireclay it is used for ovens as well so a fantastic heat retainer, Fired clay is a fair conductor of heat. It is a ceramic material, with good mechanical and chemical bonds.