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Vintage Gourmet® Outdoor Pizza Oven Set (Stone, Rain Cover, Peel, Cutter)


Size Large
Brand AuraHome
Colour Black
Heating method Conduction
Finish type Brushed

About this item

  • 🍕PIZZA is popular due to its simplicity of preparation. If there is any other food easier to prepare and healthy, pizza tops that list. Pizza is made with some fresh vegetables that make it helpful, especially to vegetarians.It considered the fastest healthier food, portable food, so much fun in sharing Tear n Share, so many combinations can be made, cost effective and so enjoyable perfect for fantastic pizza maker for parties, family gatherings, BBQ or camping outside.
  • 🍕 FEATURES: Wood fired pizza oven, Inserted thermometer to control cooking temperature, both Celsius and Fahrenheit Even heat delivery and heat insulation Bake, roast & grill Pizza stone provides 930 CM^2 cooking surface Pizza stone delivers even heat and can make the temperature to 371°C within 20-30 minutes High-level chimney with cap allows user to regulate oven temperature Shelf underneath to store fire wood Ash collect tray under the log chamber,easy cleaning Easy to open door handles
  • 🍕STONE BAKED PIZZA Pizza stones absorb moisture, help develop a crisp base, distribute heat evenly and retain heat, ensuring your pizza is perfectly cooked.the crust begins to cook immediately, Using a pizza stone will ultimately give you faster cook times Unlike pizzas made by wood fire ovens, the pizzas made by outdoor pizza oven is more traditional and better preserves the flavor of the ingredients. ceramic pizza stone which can reach a temperature of 350℃ and keeps your pizza heated evenly.
  • 🍕 TIP:With a 30 x 30 cm ceramic pizza stone provided to put on the first level, the BBQ pizza oven can reach a temperature of 700°F or higher within 20-30 minutes and keeps your pizza heated evenly. The enamel wires under oven stone can also be used directly with other food, like steak, breads or meats, maintaining safety for you. Total cooking area is about 900
  • 🍕PERFECT PIZZA GIFT SET : This is the perfect pizza enthusiast gift set comprises of 3 in 1 smoker BBQ Pizza oven, 12 inch square pizza baking stone, Pizza cutter tool, Pizza Paddle Peel (detachable handle for easy storage), Rainproof Pizza Oven cover.
  • 🍕EASY TO HANDLE: Easy to move around with 2 big wheels and a thermo-resistant handle in your garden, patio or outdoor places. Unlike other traditional countertop type, this freestanding pizza grill is compact and easy to use with its ergonomic height.
  • 🍕DIMENSIONS Approximate dimensions in centimetres: overall 50 x 37 x 156 (20LX15WX63H inches) , cooking area 50 x 37 x 28, chrome grill 49 x 34, storage tray 51 x 38 Wheels 6 inch, Chimney height 21 inch Shelf 16 L x 14 W inch Recommended pizza size is 11 Inch
  • 🍕QUALITY STEEL: High grade steel material will ensure more even heat deliver while cooking. Powder-coated surface is designed not only for maximum stability and durability, also for long-lasting corrosion resistance and high-density insulation. Black powder coated steel body for strength and durability.
  • 🍕3 in1 pizza oven from The Vintage Gourmet (registered trademark UK00003090946): use to grill, barbecue or smoke food, and bake traditional rustic pizzas on your patio Wood-fired Fuel Fueled with fire wood in chamber under pizza stone about, preparing for a pizza that with smokey flavor.
  • 🍕A MUST HAVE: Our unique residential, wood-fired pizza oven is a must-have for you to cook in parties, BBQ gatherings or family gatherings. Freestanding design with handle and wheels is easy to move around for both transport and storage, making virtually any location the perfect spot for preparing your favorite meal with smokey flavor. Our 2-level cooking chamber, domed front-to-back and side-to-side, with wood fueled in second level,eliminates hot spots and ensures uniform heat distribution.