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Garden Haven® Squirrel Baffle for Bird Feeder Station Pole, Outside Hanging Mount Bird House Guard for Outdoor Shepherd’s Hook,16 Inch Diameter, 40cm Wide x 19cm Height 3 Pole SIze adaptors


Brand: AuraHome
Target species: Birds, Squirrel
Material: Polycarbonate
Special feature: Bird feeder hook included, See through crystal clear, 3 adaptors to suit 12mm -25.5mm pole thickness
Mounting type: Hanging Mount

About this item

  • REALLY WORKS! : This baffle really works and protects bird food in the feeder from even the most determined squirrels, small birds have a hard time already with larger birds taking the feed without having to contend with the squirrel, this solves the matter so works from day 1 Designed to stop squirrels climbing up poles to your bird feeder – creates a surface they just can’t grip onto!
  • VIRTUALLY 100% SQUIRREL PROOF- This Squirrel Baffle boasts Almost 100% Safe Bird Feeding designed to discourage the hungriest rodent from bird feeders and tables.
  • USE FOR PROTECTION FROM OTHERS: This is ideal for protecting against predators, Rodents when small birds are there feeding good job it is transparent see through clear so that takes a load of the birds mind as always looking out for safety.
  • LARGE ROUND DOME SHAPE: Perfect to create that super slippery effect on the Poly-Carbonate transparent Baffle
  • 3 SIZE ADAPTORS TO FIT POLES 12-25.5MM: Flexible options to fit most commong bird feeding stations, Shepherd’s Hook, Feeding Poles
  • DIMENSIONS – The Garden Haven Bird Feeder Squirrel Baffles Measure 40cm x 40cm x 20cm
  • USE TWO TOGETHER FOR MAXIUMUM EFFECT: For a bird feeding station protect from the top where the feeders are and also running up the pole from the ground this really baffles the squirrel

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