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DWD® Spark Arrestor Cap for 4 Inch Flue Pipe (105mm)


Brand AuraHome
Fuel type Wood
Material Alloy Steel
Power source Wood

About this item

  • UNIVERSAL :The spark arrestor attaches to the top section of flue on any stove that has a flue pipe measuring 4 inch or 105mm. It has a mid range wire mesh to catch any stray embers or debris that may escape up the flue. It also has 3 eyelets at the base so you can use guy ropes to stabilise it in high winds.
  • ESSENTIAL FOR SAFETY: Its purpose is to catch flammable debris, embers or sparks coming up the flue from open fireplaces or wood-burning stoves. This theoretically prevents the ejected sparks from landing on the roof, nearby trees or flammable materials on the ground, potentially setting them alight
  • 3 EYELETS: Convenient eyelets built onto base for securing in many application to give stability to the flue pipe/stove as usually the flue run is quite high to clear the tent or shed so to be able to secure the spark arrestor cap is really useful
  • ROBUST MESH: Strong mesh cylinder has approx 5mm spacing set on an angle designed to catch embers, ash, loose fragments and debris that rises up with the hot air and smoke.
  • DIMENSIONS: 220mm height x 105mm diameter, mesh area is 90mm long eyelets protrude 30mm holes are 12mm Cap is 45mm deep, Weight is 435g open end is tapered
  • HEAVY DUTY: Steel frame painted in black to match the flue pipe
  • PLUG: Used as a plug for flashing kits when stoves are not in use