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Citronella Lamp Oil for Outdoor Lanterns and Tiki Torches


TRADITIONAL OUTDOOR LAMP OIL from DWD: ideal for lighting up your garden or camping area and also keeping the bugs away. The oil contains natural Citronella extracts which are great for keeping out the little bugs from where you want to sit and enjoy the outdoors

  • CITRONELLA NATURAL INSECT REPELLENT: DWD torch and lamp oil has been proven to repel and keep small biting insects away. Citronella is a great, plant-based, natural insect repellent that is widely used to repel flies and other insects. Whether in plant form, oil form, or in a candle, citronella’s aroma works to mask any other smells that would typically attract flies, making it difficult to find and locate those attractive scents which draw flies in
  • PREMIUM BURN: made from high quality natural extracts this lantern and torch oil give a pure burn flame. This oil product is produced from a very high-quality n-paraffin
  • EASY TO POUR with child resistant cap and conforms to BS 2869:2017
  • PERFECT FOR SUMMER: keep the summer pests away and keep your garden torches burning with this 1ltr bottle of citronella torch oil with easy pour and child resistant cap
  • SAFETY: suitable for all types of oil lamps torches and oil burning candles. Follow the instructions of oil lamp manufacturer where possible. Do not over fill. Allow 10-15 minutes for wick to absorb oil before lighting. Observation of the flame is extremely important as a high flame will cause smoke or soot deposits – adjust wick if necessary. Never leave burning lamps unattended! Only For Outdoor Use
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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 26 × 7 × 7 cm


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