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AuraHome VG ® Set of 12 Classic Mini Glass Milk Bottles with Gold lids – Funky, Retro Design – Great for Weddings, BBQ, Parties,Picnics, Events, Presentation or just taking milk to work ! 200ml


Brand: AuraHome
Material: Plastic
Bottle type: Plastic
Age range (description): Adult
Product care instructions: Hand Wash Only

About this item

  • Remember the good old days when schools used to give you a bottle of milk each day? No, I’m too young as well – but my grandma tells me this is what they used to serve them in. Buy a classic piece of memorable history with these funky, cool retro mini glass milk bottles. Great for serving drinks at a party, BBQ or wedding – or use as a vase or decorative item these miniature milk bottles are bound to turn heads and create a talking point.
  • Revolutionized taking breakfast to work ideal for taking milk to work for cereal, coffee or just to drink milk
  • Height: 12cm (4¾”) Diameter (base): 5.8cm (2¼”) Diameter (rim): 4.4cm (1¾”) Capacity: 200ml (7oz UK) Please note sizes are approximate and small manufacturing variations do occur.
  • Please note that these miniature bottles are suitable for cold liquids only.
  • Ideal for making home made smoothies, yoghurt, puddings, the mouth is wide enough for a teaspoon, much better for you than plastic