Aironic Micathermic Panel Heater with Overheat Protection


EAN: 5060432654610

  • Micathermic Panel Heater by Aironic
  • Micathermic heaters use thin sheets of the mineral mica to cover the heating element. It produces both radiant and convection heat, and is thinner than other types of heaters
  • The 4 micathermic panels produce up to 2kW of power, rapidly heating up a space, and fine temperature control can be achieved using the thermostat
  • Lightweight, with 4 wheels, this heater has great manoueverability. The plastic holdings remain cool so it is easy to move, even when on
  • Dimensions: 67cm x 54cm x 8cm, power cable is 1.8m long
  • Power and Voltage: 220-240v, 50-60hz, 2kW

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